About Us

What We Do

Gordon Company represents clients in the sale of their business, merger with another company, or purchase of a new business.  We provide market value assessments and marketing strategies and platforms to maximize the sale of businesses alone, as well as businesses with property.  We have access to a network of industry specific and legal consultants, as needed.  We also represent clients with the purchase and sale of commercial buildings. We are real estate licensed and commercial investment real estate certified. We have over 50 years of experience in sales, business management, and marketing, both regionally and nationally. Gordon Company uses a highly personalized approach with ongoing communication and consultation.

Business people signing a contract to buy or sell real estate.
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Our Mission

To provide business intermediary services nationally, achieving the successful transfer of quality businesses to quality business buyers, investors, private equity firms, and venture capitalists. Our market-specific approach using key metrics defines our focus on providing our clients with a proprietary plan. Throughout the transfer process, fiduciary responsibilities are upheld, the foremost of which is maintaining both confidentiality and transparency.

Meet Our Team

We specialize in providing a unique process that will help you determine the highest value for your business and then showcase your business to the right markets.

Larry Gordon

Business Broker / Consultant

My passion for business coupled with my diverse business experience led me to business brokerage. From owning my own businesses to working for companies in the capacities of salesman, sales manager, marketer, vice president, president, and consultant, I can relate to different businesses, from their operational sides to their challenges. Having formerly studied business and being well-versed in finance, I have the tools to valuate businesses effectively and to prepare them for sale to maximize their valuation potential. With commercial investment real estate certification (CIREC), I can personally handle the transfer of property attached to businesses. I am selective as to who I take on as clients, looking for those who are motivated to sell and motivated to prepare their business for sale, with us at Gordon Business Brokerage working closely with them. I ask of my clients only what is absolutely necessary to maximize the sale of their business. Our clients’ main job is to continue to run their business, as we do our job of selling their business.

Sharon Gordon

Managing Partner / Director of Operations

After over 30 years of being an educator, I brought my experience and skills to the world of business brokerage. As a former educator, I worked with students on the secondary and college levels, as well as with adults. I worked closely with many of them to prepare them for careers as both entrepreneurs and company employees. During my tenure, I helped initiate new programs and held many leadership and training positions. Over the past 5 years, I have worked for Gordon Business Brokerage in the role of director of operations, overseeing the entire selling process. I handle all commercial documents and written correspondences and research for specialized business valuations and specific market information. Additionally, I oversee the digital platforms. I also mitigate any inaccuracies and intervene, as necessary, to help foster a successful outcome for our clients.

Our Customer's Feedback

Paul Valenti, Cool Breeze Pest Control LLC.

After 30 years of self-employment, when I decided to sell my business, I was in a difficult position as I had been focused so long on running a business that I was at a loss as to how to go about selling it. Mr. Gordon and I have done business over the years, he as a client. I always found him to be quite the gentleman, so knowing him to be a business broker I put my faith in him. As I quickly learned, Larry is an absolute gentleman and a pleasure to do business with. He is tenacious and will not rest until the job is done. His communication skills are second to none with both sellers and potential buyers alike. He makes himself available after regular business hours and on weekends if need be and without hesitation. Lastly, I’m proud to say that although our recent journey together is almost done, I now consider him a valuable friend. I cannot recommend his services more highly.

Yossi Shai, LOL Broadway LLC.

"Larry Gordon is a talented, professional broker who treated me with respect and made sure that I had the best possible experience as his customer.

Throughout my time working with him he remained on top of things, keeping me updated about potential developments. This level of transparency is not something to be taken for granted, and was refreshing to experience. I genuinely believe that his acumen as a broker contributed to a better deal for allparties involved. His skill-set and work ethic would add value to any transaction and I highly recommend his services."

William Fuessler, Partner IBM Global Services

If you are looking to sell your business and /or commercial real estate or need a professional advisor, I would highly recommend Gordon Company Business Brokerage + Real Estate. I have seen Larry start up businesses from scratch, grow them into sizable enterprises, gain the respect and admiration of his peers and competitors, and then sell them as he moved on to new opportunities. He develops marketing programs and sales strategies that result in positive outcomes and success.

Larry has helped me out in my professional career by providing sound advice on opportunities I was considering and challenges I was facing. His dedication and integrity come through. His clients’ objectives and agenda always take precedence and he keeps his stakeholders top of mind. I highly recommend Larry as a business broker and commercial real estate agent.

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