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Guidance Throughout The Entire Process

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As consultants, we at Gordon Company can play a pivotal role in facilitating the sale of a business. We provide our expertise, guidance, and support. This guidance can be in one or more areas below or throughout the entire process.

Preparing The Business For Sale

We identify areas where the business can be improved to increase its value and appeal to potential buyers. This might involve streamlining operations, improving financial records, or enhancing the business’s market position.


We assess the worth of the business objectively, considering factors such as financial performance, market trends, and potential for growth. Accurately valuing the business is crucial for setting a realistic selling price.

Developing A Sales Strategy

We help devise a tailored sales strategy based on the unique characteristics of the business and its industry. This might involve identifying potential buyers, creating marketing materials, and determining the most appropriate sales channels.


We negotiate on behalf of the business owner to secure the best possible terms for the sale. This includes negotiating the selling price, what’s included in the sale, payment structure and financing, transition details, and any other relevant aspects of the transaction, such as employee and vendor contracts, lease agreements, etc.

Due Diligence

We assist with the due diligence process, ensuring that all necessary documents and information are properly organized and presented to potential buyers. They can also help prepare sellers for what buyers will be looking for and what questions they might ask.

Post Sale Transition

We help facilitate a smooth transition of ownership, ensuring that both the seller and the buyer are satisfied with the outcome. This might involve assisting with the transfer of assets, managing employee transitions, and addressing any other post-sale issues.

We at Gordon Company can oversee the entire sale process, from preparing the business for sale to the finalization of the sale agreement. We can help keep the process on track and address any issues or concerns that may arise along the way.

Complimentary Consultation

Why Choose Us

Business Valuation

Obtaining an accurate and realistic valuation of your business is critical. Our experience and expertise in valuation will help you determine your company's fair market value based on factors such as financial performance, industry trends, growth potential, and comparable sales

Growth Potential

Buyers are interested in businesses with a promising future. Our ability to clearly outline growth opportunities, including potential market expansion, product or service diversification, and untapped customer segments separates us from the competition.

Legal & Regulatory Compliance

We will help to ensure that your business is in compliance with all applicable laws, regulations, and industry standards. Resolve any outstanding legal issues or disputes, and make sure all licenses, permits, and certifications are up-to-date.

Market Position

We will guide you in evaluating your company's competitive advantage and position within the industry. We will prepare you to demonstrate how your business differentiates itself from competitors and what makes it an attractive investment.

Business Operations

We are here to help you address any inefficiencies, resolve outstanding issues, and ensure that your business runs smoothly. This will not only make your company more attractive to buyers but also maximize its value

Exit Strategy

We will guide you in planning your exit strategy well in advance of selling your business. This includes deciding on the ideal timeframe for selling, determining your involvement post-sale, and preparing for the transition period.

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