5 Common Pitfalls Of Selling A Business

Failure to PREPARE your business for sale

Failure to MARKET your business successfully

Failure to do a proper VALUATION of your business

Failure to QUALIFY potential buyers

Failure to ensure CONFIDENTIALITY

PREPARE, MARKET, VALUATE, QUALIFY, KEEP CONFIDENTIAL……….These are the key components to keep in mind so that you don’t fall into the common pitfalls when trying to sell your business. Even one mistake or oversight can be costly. Remember, you are the expert at running your business, not selling your business. Your job is to keep running your business well throughout the selling process. Consider hiring a business broker, who is the expert in selling businesses and who will put in the necessary time and due diligence. But don’t just hire any business broker. A good broker chooses the client as much as the client chooses the business broker. A good broker for you is one who has experience and knowledge in your industry or market segment.

We are always looking to help people with the sale of their business. We offer services in a professional
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